Fresh off the release of his Reggae EP, “Upful”, Producer Dale Virgo is already at work on the next project. Recently, he connected with recording artist Twinkle Brain, and are set to release the single, “Number One”. The single promises to bring some good vibes upon listening this summer as Dale continues to produce and endorse positive music on and off the airwaves.

When asked about coming up with the new single, Dale Virgo and Twinkle Brain recall scheduling a meeting a few weeks ago in Portland. After playing around with some lyrics and Riddims for a couple hours, they’ve managed to create a few songs together with “Number 1” giving them the urge to release it to the public during the summer season. With a modern production combined with Twinkle Brain’s lyrics and delivery, they both believe the single will be received greatly with many relating to the lyrics.

Some may remember the Portland born Twinkle Brain as he was a contestant in the 2012 staging of the “Magnum Kings and Queens” competition. He was also featured in Rihanna’s “Man Down” music video, and has released singles including “This Year” through Bop Dem Records, “Lester” through TP Records, and “Rich Mi Seh” through Scaffle Brave Productions.

“Number One” is released through Virgo’s DZL Records and is available for purchase and streaming through Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and Deezer. The single is also the first release for Dale Virgo’s follow up EP titled “Afro”, which sees a release later this year.

Check out the hot new track here!