Recording artiste Kim Nain continues to make her voice be heard locally, and Internationally. Having seen the release of her debut album, “Deal Wid It” in 2018, she aims to acquire more listeners this year, and continue her growth as an Artiste. Though she caught the attention of many with the video for her sexy title track featuring Dancehall Artiste Destiny Sparta in February, she slowed it down a bit with her recently released single, “Marijuana”.

Produced by renowned Producer Dale “Dizzle” Virgo and released through DZL Records, Kim gives off retro vibes here as she shows interest in a Marijuana smoking rude boy. Though she states she may not be the typical girl that approaches him, the scenario continues where Kim wishes to interact with the young man on the dance floor, and see
where the chemistry develops. Production on the single will give listeners hints of some of the popular riddims of yesteryear, while the single may bring older listeners back to a time when they met a love interest at a street dance. Since the track’s release, Kim Nain has enjoyed a favourable buzz as many of her fans have expressed their love for it via Social Media. It also has been enjoying steady radio play, and gaining traction with its release on her official Youtube channel. When asked about the future of the track however, she sees it being a part of soundtrack for summer love, and has already moved forward with plans for an official music video.

Currently managed by Artiste Manager Shelly Ann Curran and signed to DZL Records, fans of Kim Nain should be on the lookout for her live performances in the coming weeks. Nain is also looking forward to releasing more music this year, but looks to continue growing and nurturing “Marijuana”.


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