Recording Artist Ghana has been busy making her voice be heard.. With music that uplifts, educates, and entertains, she has quickly become an Artist to watch in Jamaica. With influences in Reggae, Afrobeats, Trap, and Dub, she plans to connect with many people worldwide both young and old. Teaming up with acclaimed Producer Dale Virgo of DZL Records, she aims to shake up the world with “Silence The Dread”.

With a stance of speaking the truth with not a care, Ghana lashes out at those who fail to treat the Black Woman with love, honour, and respect. With so many stories coming out about Women facing various types of abuse, Ghana comes forth with a spotlight on the men who have caused so much pain, and opens the floor for more discussions. She also calls out those who are aware of the abuse, but fail to make reports on the wrongdoers and let justice be served. With many reports of abuse starting from the home, fear has been one of the factors that have caused many to remain silent. Ghana however, steps in to bring awareness and let victims know they don’t have to hide anymore. With March being “Women’s History Month” and March 8 being “International Women’s Day”, Ghana saw it was the right time to launch the track that sheds light on a serious issue that affects many Women worldwide.

“Silence The Dread” has been slated for a March 29 release on all major Digital Streaming Providers which include Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Deezer. Following the single’s release, Ghana will be adding the finishing touches on her debut EP which eyes a June 2019 release. Titled “Gypsy Dread”, it will be another creation alongside Dale Virgo and DZL Records, and promises to be an epic listen from start to end.

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