Born Greg Grant in Golden Spring, St. Andrew, Gospel Recording Artist Dunamis Reignz uses his God given gifts to help transform lives, and win souls for Christ. From a very early age, Dunamis developed a love for music and it found him secretly writing songs, with dreams of performing them on the world stage like some of his favourite Artists. His love for the music however lead him to record Dub plates With a childhood friend later in life. While Dunamis had a fairly good childhood, he along with his family faced various hardships, and it pushed him to seek comfort and get a sense of belonging in a street gang with friends who shared similar experiences.

Despite living his life as a gang member, his life took a change for the better when an encounter with the Lord pushed him to become a saved man in 2004. From there, he started to pursue music, and in 2006 he found himself being a part of BiCom Records where he honed his skill as a Dancehall Artist under the guidance of Producer Kevin Butler. In 2007 he started his music career professionally under the name “Dunamis Reignz” with his debut single, “Gangsta Life”. An opportunity to minister at the Maverley Gospel Hall assisted in catapulting his career and since then, he went on to release other tracks like, “Me Nuh Response”, “Praise The Rock”, “Come Against”, and “Warfare”.

Since the new shift in his life, Dunamis Reignz went on to become a known figure in the mainstream Gospel Music scene, was granted numerous opportunities to spread his brand of Gospel ministry in various parts of the world, and has toured and collaborated with the likes of Kevin Downswell, Danny Brownie, Da Journey, DJ Nicholas, Omari, Shoggy Tosh, and many others. With a mission to reach as many youths as possible through his music, Dunamis wants to ensure that they don’t make the same mistakes as he did, and be positive role models in their respective communities. He has never settled for less, and looks to leave a positive mark on the world. 


Dunamis Reignz is currently promoting his new single, “Stepping Out”, which was produced by Dale “Dizzle” Virgo, and released through DZL Records.


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