While some artistes can release projects and attract instant favour from fans without any major promotion, others find the task challenging and resort to stunts, online feuds or ‘clout-chasing’.

Devin Di Dakta is the latest being called out for what seems to be an attention-seeking ploy to gain interest in his current release, When I’m Gone.

In a promotional post on his Instagram page, the entertainer took jabs at Vendetta boss Alkaline and 6ix frontman Squash, who have been the dancehall conversation piece recently with their lyrical feud.

“Big st!**k!ng Nyamkaline @manhimselff and Dutty Trash @squash6iixboss unu cum off a di Internet wid unu puppy ramping and mek people go listen mi new song weh just drop,” Devin’s caption read.

The move has been met with backlash, with some fans criticising the artiste for calling out his peers, instead of simply promoting his song. In Devin’s words though, a song may be of substance, but its reach may be limited based on the culture of the music industry today.


“Nowadays, having a good song doesn’t mean that people will view it, it’s sad but that’s the state our music is in,” he told THE STAR.

On the track, produced by Dale ‘Dizzle’ Virgo, Devin showcases the scope of his musical skills, toasting through trap-inspired flows and hard-spitting bars, while touching a myriad of topics, like feeling unappreciated for his talent.

“Those feelings surface now and then but greatness takes time,” said Devin a Grammy-nominated artiste.

He also shuts down requests for a lyrical clash with Masicka, rhyming, “Me nuh compete with incompetent, so Masicka could never be my rival…” which is not sitting well with some Genahsyde fans.

“Uneducated people won’t understand nor appreciate my music, I am fine with that, but if they want to learn a thing or two, I’d advise them to start paying attention to writing,” Devin said.

“With that said, the audience I want to attract is slowly finding its way to my channel and the feedback from them is great so I don’t care about others.”

The music video premiered last Friday, and shows a nutsy Devin, who has been dealt less-than-ideal cards, but chooses to make the best out of his predicament. Directed by Promaxx, Devin said he was actively involved in the creative process.

“This is 100 per cent me, brought to life by Dale Virgo of DZL Records and Promaxx of Rewind Imaging,” he said.

“If you watch it carefully you’ll see the changes in my facial expressions and behaviour along with dressing, this is a representation of my mind. In the midst of the ‘madness’ that’s going on, I still find a way to be happy.”


source: http://jamaica-star.com/article/entertainment/20190916/devin-di-dakta-takes-jabs-alkaline-and-squash