Since his strategic transformation in 2015, R & B – reggae fusion artiste Ch4se, formerly known as Stratdon, has been gaining traction.

Speaking to THE STAR recently, the singer and songwriter said: “My decision to take a contrastingly different approach to my music career, starting from the name change to revamping my image, is a full-circle moment. It is really paying off.”

The artiste has worked with the likes of DZL recordsDale Virgo, who has made an imprint as one of Jamaica’s producers to work with some of biggest names in R & B – from Rihanna to Kendrick Lamar.

With Virgo’s guidance, Ch4se was able to deliver an authentic-sounding single last summer, titled Closer.

He then received the opportunity to record with veterans Cutty Ranks and Trinidad’s The Mad Stuntman (featured on the iconic 1993 single I Like To Move It) several months later.

“It was an honour to sing the hook on a track with legends. The single (with Cutty and Stuntman), Wine Girls, has exposed me to a different audience,” Ch4se said.

There are other musical projects in the pipeline with some of the best reggae producers from Jamaica, but Ch4se added: “I am hoping to receive a breakthrough with my latest single, Call Me.”

Ch4se said that while it is characteristically a fusion track, it is uniquely Jamaican and a fun look at a man-woman relationship of wanting to take relations beyond casual interaction.

He will be performing his catalogue on Friday at the live-show series Kalimba Nights at Jacob’s Place on Springvale Avenue, alongside rising underground and new wave-fusion music stars like Scantana, King Calie, Quecee, and Eesah.

“It is only the tip of the creative iceberg and is gaining momentum. I am really anticipating that its ( Call Me) release on digital platforms will continue an upward swing in my career to further expose the brand and craft I spent the last four years building strategically. The best is yet to come,” he said.