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1Sir Come Vent Freestyle [explicit] (prod by. Dale Virgo)
2Sir Come Vent Freestyle [Clean] (prod by. Dale Virgo)
3Sir Come Vent Freestyle Instrumental (prod by. Dale Virgo)

Scantana – Sir Come Vent Freestyle



To whom much is given much is expected
Same goes to whom nothings given there’s no exceptions
Life’s about what you could contribute it’s all investment
If we out here dying over our rights what we got left then
Anger anxiety and depression
Adolescents fighting addiction need intervention
Sobriety in their eyes seen as a transgression
Now society high on what high society selling
But fuck your pandemic I’m motivated covid overrated
I’m on go the road I chose I paved it
I’m so Jamaican so I’m prone to make it
Either mi get it or mi mek it or mi tek it it’s no debating
No complaining I complied I waited hibernated
I’m woke and I am sure that I can see the tides are changing
And times are changing the sly behavior
Your family will take the side of strangers
Your enemy will save your life in the time of danger
Fake is real your own kind’ll snake ya
But I’m a snake charmer I stay calm when I face harm
And I got a raised arm for the day I’m a face karma
And I’m waiting on that date with honor

Living for today because I ? Tomorrow
Ugh, trust issues to discuss witchew
Get me disgusted when u thinking that it’s just witchew
I been up hit punched kicked stabbed
I never got shot but I got shot at
I heard they talking this and that but that’s behind my back
A stand up ni99a never sit and sideline chat
I stand behind every line thats inside my raps I wrote em
And realest going feel em an quote em with cold bumps
I’m focus I’m so woken I see through lies with closed eyes but my mind’s open
I’m chosen in time frozen I’m mind blowing
Talent only 10% of the shine when I’m glowing
And I ain’t bragging I’m just rhyme

Main act never the side showing
I got it out da mud n I ain’t do it for me I did with us
I did it for every inner city kid in a cuff
I did it to lessen the recidivism percentage
I did it and I knew I was do it from the beginning
From finger printed to printed in press
I was in prison a guest
now I got a different address
Momma called said she pretty impressed
I came a long way from mess halls to cinema sets
I was in Top Boy
And though my role was getting shot in the back
I set the tone it was the shot that put me back on the map
Cuz I was at wits end wishing for

different but sitting never granted wishes
A man of business
And business is the key to riches
B-u-s-i-n-e-s-s do you see a difference
And you could take me out the trenches but you could never take the trenches out my way of thinking listen
They say the road to hell cemented with good intentions
And loyalty is just as rare as common sense is
The truth is an offense and lies are trending
This prolly ain’t even go’n get a view cuz I ain’t talking bout my jewels
I’m just dropping em
The popular dudes is gang gang and I’m not in one
It’s still some real ni99as outside just not a lot of em
And I own want no problems but if you

got a problem with me find me I’m a solve it for you timely try me
I circumvent what you deny
Chances are I’m a pass the ball
Give n go get it back and score
And I ain’t matador so miss me with the bullshit
And my hater get a full clip

Written by: Kibwe Scantana Lawrence
Completed: June 7th 2021