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4Spliff ft. Versi
6High Grade Anthem
7Blaze It Up
8I-Juana Dub ft. Kim Nain
9High Grade Meditation ft. Ras Padam

Dale Virgo – 420/1

There are many ways to enjoy and experience the 420 Culture during the week of 4/20 and on the Day. But as you go about searching a variety of genres for your song selection pallet; in case you are looking for something specific or want to try something new. Then, look no further than The “420/1 EP” which is compared to Moon Rocks better known as the champagne of cannabis.

It is layered with beautiful sounds and melodies; at its center, epic lyrics of natural observation, dripping with even more potency in production from DZL Records. While the day is focused on the struggle, 420/1 takes you on a journey to discover both sides to the cannabis coin of “Love & Hate!”


Track listing 

  1. 420 ft. Anguesomo
  2. Indica ft. Senita Mogul
  3. Sativa ft. Keith Currency
  4. Spliff ft. Versi
  5. Cranium ft. Starr Dane
  6. High Grade Anthem  ft. Ras Padam
  7. Blaze It Up ft. Dalando Colley
  8. I-juana Dub ft. Kim Nain
  9. High Grade Meditation ft. Ras Padam, Nadine Marie